Final bill not issued

  • 26 January 2018
  • 4 replies

Hi guys, my switch was completed on 7/12 but I have’t received the final bill from the previous supplier. I phoned them up and said that they haven’t received the final meter reading.. they were aware about Pure Planet but haven’t got the meter reading. They’ve asked me to create an account and pay the energy used before switch. Any ideas?

4 replies

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Hi @Aurel and welcome! I shall ask our team to look into this one, as we'll need to check the switch process 🙂. Myself or them will be in contact.
Thanks Toby, looking forward for a solution. Cheers
Hi Toby, any updates please about my query, please?

Thank you,
Hi @Aurel
Toby isn't working in this community anymore. He's moved on to exciting new challenges! I'm sending you a DM to pick this up.