Energy usage graphs graphics have disappeared

  • 8 November 2021
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WE wanted to screen grab our last year’s (up to the cease of trading) energy usage but the app is no longer letting us access the usage information. Why is this?


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14 replies

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PP are aware, there was a problem, so they put the page in maintenance mode. To be honest, I don't think repairing it will be high on the list of priorities, and we don't really know how long we will have access to our accounts


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Cheers Duppy 

I should have grabbed it earlier when it was working.
I totally understand if they have other priorities.
Shame though as it could inform how our energy saving/new appliances etc are doing in comparison to same months last year etc.
The information can be gleaned from the readings and the statements but I have been an Apple Mac user since the 80’s so like a nice graph...researching the figures etc is so like PC DOS! :grin:

Hello @greeny 

Thanks for posting! Some fab advice from @Duppy here - our tech team are investigating this, in the meantime you can still access your energy usage graphs on our website when logged in. 

This may be a useful read:

I hope this helps! 

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Are you sure the usage graphs are available on the website, I only see the same as the app.


Hmm @Duppy, it should be, the FAQ says: 

Also, it's worth remebering that the energy usage graphs are working fine on the website. It's only the app-version which is currently offline. So head over to your web account to see latest usage.

I’ll flag this with the team and get back to you! 

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The energy usage is unavailable on both the app and the web-based computer version. 
And I have logged into both.


Yes, it is the same if you try to access online. I suppose we must be getting close to being transferred . I certainly can’t see a lot of point in mending those parts of the app, and the account on the web. It would be a nice touch if PP, as a final operation, emailed to all customers a note of their consumption month by month and amounts paid for the last 12 months. Many customers probably don’t save the statements or keep a log. Sorry, spreadsheet!

On a not too dissimilar subject I notice the app shows smart readings were taken on my usual day (5th of the month) but does not show the actual readings I submitted which it used to before. 


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Yeah, maybe we are close to the transfer, but it would be good to still ave access to the past year information graph as it could be a tangible illustration of how we can save over the next year.
If they also emailed the info as an excel file then we could create our own graphs, past and present (providing we have a spreadsheet program that could import csv files).

I’m back @Duppy - you’re absolutely right, it has been down on the web, but its due to be up and working again today! 

As if by magic, they’ve reappeared! Thanks all for your patience while we worked on that. :thumbsup:


Not yet, they haven’t.

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Even the arrows problem has been sorted so can easily scroll thru the months again 👏👍

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Excellent, they’re back….thank yous to the team!

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