Energy generated by solar panels

  • 4 January 2022
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I had my solar panels fitted in March 2021 on the understanding that I would get paid SEG as I have a smart metre and checked with Pure Planet that I would be paid SEG when I took out an account with them. My metre was read for energy generated by solar before Pure Planet ceased trading. I have not been paid for the energy generated by my solar panels. What can I do to get the money/credit I'm owed?

2 replies

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you’ll need to contact PP using help>ask a Q (when logged into your account) over this one.

You will also need to confirm with Shell that you want them to take over the SEG payments, and as far as I know they are not liable for the previous lack of payments, the only way round that is PP will need to add the credit to your bill and update Shell with the numbers, but I have no idea because of the insolvency if they either are obliged or will agree to do that. If they won’t then you will need to submit a claim to the insolvency practitioners. 

Ofgem may be able to offer further guidance, their mantra is your balance is protected and those payments are part of your balance. I can’t find anything on their website about this,  personally I can’t see why it should be treated any differently to credit for energy payments, but what I think is irrelevant here.. 

Will you come back here and let us know what happens?

Hello @Mogibbie 

Thanks for posting! Some brilliant advice from @woz here  - Shell will take over the running of Smart Export Guarantee and SEG payments. However, I think it’s best to message the team to check on the payments you’re already owed from PP. 

Let us know how you get on!