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  • 10 August 2021
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How do I notify Pure Plant that I have changed my email address?


Best answer by woz 10 August 2021, 22:51

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You can do this via the app. 

If you click on the person symbol at the top right corner, then edit contact details  .

Many thanks for your prompt reply

I had difficulty downloading the app so I was expecting to do it in the website.

I must say I find the whole site very user unfriendly ,but that may be a question of age!



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hello @michaelzed 

there’s an FAQ (and age is just another number!)

you can do it on the website when logged in (as opposed to the community which is where you are now)


I have tried the link you suggest but it is not allowing me to enter my details.

Why can not PP have  part of their site that can deal with queries such as this?

This is what I got when I posted my query All other sites would appear to have a contact details “section” which with appropriate security can be accessed and changed.


Sorry, we couldn’t find any results for “change my email address registered with you”





Hello @michaelzed 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!

Some great advice from @woz and @Angelabikerbabe here -have you tried to refresh your page after loading the link, it may just not have loaded properly?

You can contact our Member Services team using WattBot. WattBot lives in our app and website under ‘help’ then ‘ask a question’. You can then send a message asking for your email to be changed, along with a message that says ‘message the team’. The message on WattBot that confirms you’ve got through to the team starts with 'Ok, I've passed our conversation on to the team'. They’ll respond within 3 working days. 

I hope this helps!

I have finally got my new email address registered. Many thanks to those who helped me

I am now having difficulty entering my meter readings.

I can get as far as, “view more about your tariff and meters” but cannot see how to access that part of the site.

The whole website is a disgrace. Pure Planet seem to be more concerned with saying how wonderful they are rather than assisting  their customers in a practical way.

Let me be clear. I am not that technical minded but as as far as I can remember all other sites I use, Banking, Investments, Societies I belong to, even HMRC are far more helpful.

I am amazed that Which? ever recommended them.

In the meantime they have not got my readings which does concerns me.



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hi @michaelzed

What do you see? Have you scrolled?

What options are there on the home page when you log in?


re your earlier comments on the search you need to filter and tick faq’s or you’ll just get a load of posts some of which may lead you there.

here's a screenshot, 


Hello @michaelzed 

It might be a good idea to sign up to our Priority Services Register - it’s a free service for when member’s may need a little extra help. This includes a meter reader coming to read your meters for you 4 times a year. Here’s more info on how to sign up:

This may also be useful to show you how to submit your readings:

I hope this helps - let us know how you get on!