Direct debit set up

  • 31 July 2020
  • 3 replies

I received an email saying I have cancelled my direct debit which I don't believe I have. So I went on the app and my bank details are all there, no notification to say I need to update. I tried to update anyway just to be sure and i will not let me as I am too close to my payment date.

Plus, Wattbot is not working!

3 replies

Hi @Christy86, Welcome!

Who was the email from? PP or your Bank? Maybe it’s a mistake or junk?

Yes, you can’t change your payment details when it’s close to your payment date. 

What is Wattbot (not) doing when you try?

Hi 25quid,

The email was from PP, looks genuine and the link sends me to the app (not that I would use the link to put in bank details) and I end up at a deadend as I cannot find anywhere that is prompting me to re enter my details.


Wattbot will not answer me when I type a question!


Hi @Christy86,

I think we need to get you talking to the team and past the Wattbot blockage. In Wattbot, send a message saying Message the team and add your message about this apparent direct debit cancellation. This should route your question to a human who should reply in a day or two. 

Wattbot should tell you it’s forwarded the message to the team. Let us know how you get on, or if Wattbot continues to ignore you…

Good luck!