direct debit glitch

  • 11 January 2018
  • 9 replies

i just switched, they took first payment on Jan-2. Now got an email claiming they didn't get that payment and will debit me again on 18th Jan.
I am suddenly very nervous about this company. Has anyone had a similar experience ?

9 replies

Me too. Don't want to be charged again.
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Hi @tonyp, I shall send you a direct message about that and we'll make sure that's sorted :)

Hi @Rvjgd, is your situation exactly the same as Tony's?
I have the exact same issue.
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Hi @Mike Kenny, I have sent you a DM.
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Hi @tonyp, @Mike Kenny and @Rvjgd,

Quick update, we have sent out a few emails in error and I'm fairly sure you all had this email 🙂. Our team is investigating and I'll update asap! Thanks so much for letting me know.
Okay @Toby. I'll be keeping a sharp eye on my bank account though, please ensure there isn't a more serious error! Not the greatest start with you but at least your CS seems to be responsive and intelligent!
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Hi @Mike Kenny, sorry for the confusion with this. I shall update when I can!
Hi yes I was the same. Thank you for getting back to us. Hope it is all ok.
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Hi everyone,

You should have seen any issues with charges as a result of this and we have looked into it to ensure we dont mis-send the emails again 🙂. Thanks for flagging!