Crédit withdrawl

  • 23 August 2018
  • 3 replies

Hi there,

I have accumulated a large amount of credit on my account. How do I go about withdrawing this?

Thank you,

3 replies

Hi LOUISE, using wattbot, type “message the team” and then “please can I
Have my credit back and adjust my direct debit” and they will soon sort it for you,
Hi Tim, I have tried this and they just suggest ways to change my payment details, payment date or payment direct debit. I simply want to withdraw my credit. When I simply put 'Please can I have my credit back' Whattbott says I do not understand your question. Please help! I am finding this very frustrating.
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Hi louisa.
When you open wattbot.
You must type message the team
If you dont then all you are doing is asking wattbot a question.
Once you type