Cost of fuel used prior to PP ceasing to trade has been increased on my final bill.

  • 3 December 2021
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I have just received my final bill and PP have recalculated the cost of my fuel with a higher tariff from 16th June to 17th October. Why am I paying a higher tariff for fuel that I used prior to them ceasing to trade? Although it says it it the same tariff on the bill, the cost per kWh I am being charged is higher and so my final bill is much larger that it should be. Has anyone else had this?


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4 replies

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My tariff was the same as always. Did send a message to wattbot to ask them. Even with winter payments starting the tariff remains the same. Did your fixed rate end? If so could be that you were rolled onto variable which is higher.

Yes that might have been the case but the bills I downloaded from June, July, Aug and September have a different cost per kWh showing to the one that was used on my final bill for those months. I will try wattbot. I am glad yours is OK though.

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Wattbot is the best place they can tell you exactly what’s going on whereas we can just speculate. Good luck. 

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What was the end date for your fixed deal and did you move onto another fixed deal when it ended?

My guess is either you moved onto a new fix in July, or your fixed tariff expired on 16th July and you moved onto the variable. If you look at the statements a couple of months prior to that date you may find some clues. Failing that maybe it’s a error but it seems rather non-random.

Let us know the outcome?