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  • 6 April 2021
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Why is it impossible to get anyone in your organisation to call me? Despite organising a call back via your Bot - nothing happened. I have also emailed a request for a call, yet my emails go unanswered. Clearly customer service means nothing. It seems that the only way to get the matter resolved is to move to another provider. There are some questions that cannot be answered by the community or a BOT. 



7 replies

 There are some questions that cannot be answered by the community or a BOT. 


Well, I was going to offer to try and help, however, you believe there’s nothing we can do to assist you, and if this is about your air-source heat pump, you are probably correct.

When were they supposed to call you back, as I presume Easter holidays may have got in the way?

Have you tried Direct Messaging @Nataly or @Marc  to see if they can make enquiries?

Kindest regards




It about getting a meter removed.

To be honest I have better things to do than waste my time with a company that makes it impossible for customers to contact them.


Hey @Dr_Ford 

Have you sent a message to the team via WattBot? That’d be the recommended way to get in touch - I have doublechecked with our Member Services team just in case and they’ve let me know no callback request has come through.

If you type ‘move my meter’, all the information needed for your work request will be collected and sent to the team to review, so they can then contact you about the works needed.

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Fortunately  for many people who ask advice on here it appears that many helpful members of the community don’t consider that they have better things to do than reply to questions.

(ducking now….:duck: )


I set-up a call back for a specific time, nobody called back.

If your customer service team calls my mobile we can agree a time to speak.



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Hi @Dr_Ford 

Just wanted to emphasise that posting here does not communicate with Pure Planet, so you are setting yourself up for more frustration. So you can either go back to Wattbot - the key is to put message the team until it tells you it is passing your message to the team. Or use the given email, recognising that it will take longer to get a response. My advice would be not simply to ask for a phone call, but to explain the situation/problem in some detail, and then you have a much better chance of someone offering a time when they could call you who will be able to have a meaningful discussion with you about that issue.

I think it's fair to say that if you work with their system, it's more likely to work with you and for you.

Hope that helps


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This is yet another example of how poor the contact system is. It is certainly not made easy, particularly  for a newcomer to PP. Some will see that as deliberate, it isn’t, it is no more than an attempt to have a simple efficient system to deal with queries. It fails due to the lack of a human element. I know what the system is but I would avoid using it and if I had to would go starlight to “message the team” but….. ?

Even the app is not the easiest, or perhaps the most helpful. I just decided to check my usage a few seconds ago. Whilst it is not obvious you need to scroll down to the bottom to access reading history, which is one the main reasons one would check usage, the app mysteriously opened up telling me my usage for July to August this year. That’s clever.

Thus whilst the concept of PP is great and it is one of most economical of suppliers, its intentions towards customers is honourable, it does not endear itself with the digital setup. Work needs doing on it.