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  • 14 November 2021
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Can I change supplier now? As Shell still didn't contacted with me, they just sent me their tariff plan which I don't like at all.


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@Jackson Graveris

The advice is not to try to switch during the transition, as it will only make things more difficult, for you and for Shell.

Also bear in mind that most suppliers are now only offering fixed deals which are a lot more expensive than the price capped variable tariff we will be on with Shell.

Out of interest what don't you like about the tariff that you will be on with Shell. As the Tariffs are subject to the Ofgem price cap I doubt you will find anything cheaper, but if you do, I hope you come back to report on who you intend to switch to.

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From Which’s page:


Which energy suppliers are taking on customers from failed suppliers? So far, Octopus Energy has gained the most customers from failed suppliers this autumn:

British Gas: 461,700 new customers

EDF Energy: 220,000 new customers

Eon Next: 233,000 new customers

Octopus Energy: 580,000 new customers

Shell Energy: 514,000 new customers

Utilita: 6,000 new customers

Yu Energy: 600 new customers.


17 companies have failed.



Hello @Jackson Graveris 

Thanks for posting! Some really fab advice from @Duppy here - this may be a useful read too:

I hope this helps!