Change Economy 7 smart meter

  • 18 November 2020
  • 3 replies

I am a new victim of this awful AI company that has no customer service, no way of speaking to a real person. I am leaving.

3 replies

I am a new victim of this awful AI company that has no customer service, no way of speaking to a real person. I am leaving.

Good Afternoon @EllisTaylor 

Pure Planet has never to my knowledge claimed to offer the ability to ‘speak to a real person,’ in fact they make ‘not having a call-centre’ one of their selling points, so I must confess I’m surprised you are upset by the lack of one.

Pure Planet does have ‘customer service,’ although they actually call it ‘Member Services,’ true there’s no way of ‘speaking’ to a real person in most circumstances, as support is carried out via the in-App/Online WattBot - but support is there if you need it via an online question/answer system, or if necessary - a messenger type system.

Have you tried using WattBot?

What exactly is the issue with your ‘Economy 7 Smart Meter’?
To the best of my memory, Pure Planet doesn’t support Economy 7, having only one tariff, and they have to be reset by your previous supplier to single-rate.

Please advise if we can provide assistance.

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before you leave would you like to ask the very helpful community for advice on what you want to do about your meter?

If we can’t answer or don’t know then we’ll point you at the best way to get an answer.

If you’re leaving it means you’re presently a customer. (logical Mr Spock)

That in turn means you should be able to log into your account either online or using the app?

When logged in click on the menu top right and then help and support>ask a question.

(You can ask in app without being logged in but it will ask you who you are)

That is how you communicate with PP. Persist through bot replies which are instant, until it says your message has been passed to the team, replies currently in 1 - 3 working days

Is it that you want to change your smart meter to  not be E7, or you no longer wish to be registered as having an E7 supply? The two are very different and I’ll explain why if you post back.

I don’t work for PP

Hi @EllisTaylor and welcome to the Community. 

Looks like you’ve received a couple of really helpful replies from other Members :slight_smile: thank you  @Gwyndy @woz!

I also wanted to jump in to add, if you need to get in touch with our Member Services team about anything you can select ‘get help and support’ > ‘ask a question’ when logged in at, or on the Pure Planet app. 

If you let us know what the issue is I’m sure we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction?