Can't sign into my account

  • 7 January 2021
  • 1 reply

I have received and email asking for meter readings but when I try to sign into my account on the website or through the app I get the message "something is not quite right, check your details and try again". I know that I am entering the correct email address because I am receiving emails from pure planet. 

1 reply

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Are you using the app or online? (if one try the other)

Are you using a vpn or any anything else (adblockers etc)

Did you sign up through a comparison website?

Can you go back to the email you used to verify your switch and check if it was sent to the exact email address you’re typing in?

Can you try online with different browsers

(a wandering thought. Is there anything unusual about your email address, does it have a + in it?)

Post back?