asked for meter readings but wont let me submit

  • 9 October 2020
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I’m new to pure planet, have received an email asking for my meter readings. It’s let me submit electricity but not gas. I have smart meters previously installed by EON. When I try to check meter reading history it shows gas but not electric. Is there something odd going on here? Seems like it’s auto reading gas but not electric. 

2 replies

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hi @Claire651 

it may not have registered the gas meter yet or pp may have asked for a photo of the meter (check your email?).

You can send a query to ask them to check it:

(logged in), use help and support>ask a question and persist through instant bot replies until it says your message has been passed to the team. Human replies in 1 or 2 working days.

or leave it a couple of days and see if it comes right..

(There is often a difference in switching delay between the 2 fuels, maybe you’re caught in the middle of it)

Thanks Woz. It’s still not updated so I’ve used the chat bot to send the query to the team.