annual energy usage reading

  • 6 April 2021
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Is there any way I can read my annual energy usage without having to work it out?

4 replies

Hi @Spingrinder — I’ve not found a way. But maybe others have? Let’s see as it would be handy...

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Hi Spingrinder,

The statement (advises) adjusts your annual usage each month based on what usage PP was provided with... from the offset. Usage is affected by our monthly routine meter submissions and climate etc.

However, we get a true  picture after 12 months so on month 12 the meter read is important if the routine was not followed in previous months. 

From year 2 etc, then the same applies, leading up month to 12 as our usage may change due to less or more severe weather conditions or our personal circumstances may of changedlike being at home more.

Have a great day and check your statements on Page 2.

So, at @Strutt G points out, you can see an estimate of the next 12 months on page 2 of your statement. 

Finding out exactly how much you have used in the last 12 months requires manual calculations. I’ve been frustrated by needing to do this myself when I switched to PP.

Cynically, suppliers don’t have to do this, and doing so might help people switch more easily. Other views are available. 😉 

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You don’t need to do any adding up, just subtracting.

1: Find latest statement, note last reading on statement for both electricity and gas, better if it’s a real reading but even if not it shouldn’t matter too much

2: Go back to same statement one year earlier and do the same

Subtract 1 from 2, the electricity will be the annual usage

For the gas subtract then multiply by 11.36

The figures may be a little out depending on estimation, but they will be near enough.

(Above assumes no meter changed during the period)