3 working days for a responce?

  • 25 August 2021
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So I am not one to normally complain, but after receiving an email about the “winter Health Check” and the fact that my fixed deal has just ended, I wanted a review on my payments and account.

So I sent the request via the app on the 22nd (I know it is a Sunday) expecting a response the Monday or Tuesday. Still not had a review off my account 3 days later. 

So I have sent another message to get another message saying we will reply in 3 working days. How long can it take to review an account or respond?

I get that this is an app based company and get there are no calls centres (part of the reason I joined was because I like that) But surely your response times need to be looked at or offer an online instant chat option



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Hi @Danfreeth88, yes that is disappointing.

I thought the review process was automatic after the Wattbot gather a few details. But if not maybe PP are overwhelmed after sending out the health check message? 

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When I sent in my request for an account review on 16 August, Pure Planet Collections emailed me with the results of the review before midday on 18 August. You may want to check your emails to see if the review result has come back that way.

Hey @Danfreeth88 

I’ve just checked this one out with our Member Services team. They’ve let me know it looks like they didn’t receive any account review request for your account on 22 August - however they have received your review request and WattBot chat from yesterday (25 August). So they’ll be sure to reply to that to get this sorted for you! Did you get confirmation that your review request went through on 22 August? Happy to look into this further if so!

Three working days is the max. reply time - often it’s sooner than this - but in particularly busy times it can take up to three working days. That’s something we’re continually monitoring and working on, and we’re always looking to improve. :slight_smile: