Zero Hero - Pure Planet’s new campaign to celebrate our amazing Members

  • 18 September 2019
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Hi everyone

We’ve launched a new campaign to celebrate our amazing Members for helping to get us closer to zero carbon emissions.

Zero Hero is a celebration of all the ways you guys are helping to protect the planet.

We know that many Pure Planet Members choose to switch to renewable energy because you want to make a difference.:foldedhands:

By choosing our renewable energy you are helping Britain move closer to Net Zero carbon emissions. You’re taking action against climate change and we think that makes you a Zero Hero.:heart:

We’ve all read some doom and gloom about climate change in the news recently. We think there’s a lot for us to be positive about, too.

The UK energy grid is already around 33% renewable electricity and growing - there are reasons to be optimistic.

Over the coming weeks you’ll start to see more Zero Hero messages online, such as:

  • A new Pure Planet newsletter celebrating our Members, other Zero Heroes who make a difference; tips of cutting your carbon footprint, and more.
  • A new Zero Hero community section to share tips on saving energy, saving money,
  • Videos in our social media channels featuring some of our Members and friends, sharing their Zero Heroes. You can find us on Facebook, on Instagram and on Twitter.
  • A new community Zero Hero badge for Members who’ve featured here, in our newsletter, ads or social videos.

We need your ideas

Zero Hero will find, support and promote greener choices that are easier and cheaper than their polluting alternatives.

But we need your help too. Tell us about a Zero Hero you know, a green event or initiative you’re part of or a Zero Hero product or service you use. We’ll share the best ideas.

Have you recently changed the way that you eat, shop or travel?

You don’t need to be living in a teepee, growing your own organic veg and smelling of patchouli oil.😂

We’re talking normal, everyday, but real, changes you’ve made. Such as reducing single use plastic, walking more, eating less meat, buying local.

If this sounds like you, then send me a message here in the community and tell us what you’re doing. Or just post in the replies below!

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