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Links To Ethical and Environmentally Friendly Companies

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Hi Guys,

Hope you're all well. I've been delayed putting this on due to the lurgy but back in full force. The ideas board liked the idea of a thread for ethical companies so thought I'd better get my butt in gear and start it off with a couple of recommendations.

I came across Ethical Superstore recently but haven't got round to ordering from them yet but they seem to have good reviews and a great range of products. No it isn't a dodgy porn site, put your dirty minds away folks!! This guy is an amazing jeweller based in Cambridge. he uses old coins, silver spoons and has even started using old and used marbles in his work. I've had a couple of pieces bought for me of his and they are really something special.

It would be awesome for folks to share companies, websites, crafters, stores near them and products that have good ethical and environemental standards.

Have a top week peeps
Nanny O

Have a great week peeps.


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The result of my purple-stained (:mad:) white jacket, dyed to give it new life as a dark green jacket...

turned out really well! Was expecting it to be a bit faded in places but the colour is really strong and consistent throughout 🆙

Defo way better than throwing it out - thanks @Strutt G for the idea! 😮

Any Google users out there? Bet there’s a lot! 

Check our this search engine called Ecosia - the more you search, the more trees they plant :slight_smile::deciduous_tree:

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As a couple of people asked me over on another part of the site

for a link here about Smol, the company who sell eco-friendly washing products that they deliver direct to their customers, here it is!

I've been using them for 6-7 months and I'd thoroughly recommend them, they work very well. You get a handful of capsules (9) for £1 for the trial offer; a full package is £4.50 for 24 non-bio ones. This usually lasts me a month, only doing laundry for myself and a few things for my dog. When they're used up the packaging all goes into my cardboard recycling bag.

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❣Love Ecosia🌳🌳 @Marc its been my go to search engine for 18 months now 🌳🌳🌳


Thanks for the Naturally Wrapt company @NannyOgg,  I'll look them up when I've finished up the rolls of wallpaper I'm reknowned for using. It might be a while though 🤔 🤣🤣

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Compostable drinking straws 🥤🧋🍹

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Thanks NannyOgg,

I like your tech alternative purchasing options and will be having a thorough look.

This is where I mainly get my coffee, hope it meets the ethical criteria.
King of Shaves are launching a new 'no plastics' refillable range:

I’m making eyes at the recycled flannel shirt @NannyOgg :nerd:

They’ll remake it for me if I wear it out! Amazing. No more throwing shirts away? 

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Great share, thanks @Antski 

My order should turn up in the next few days to try and have decided to trial the dishwasher tabs too.

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Picked some of these up from Aldi today. I have found in the past that a lot of the food containers are really bad quality and break pretty easily so was pleased when I spotted these today. Also further proof that not everything recycled or ethical has to be expensive. Quality seems really solid too.
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Apparently not @Marc.

I did wonder that myself but by all accounts the most coffee smell is when you open the bag but not when it's burning. They aren't suitable for bbq style burning though. It gives plenty of info on the website.

Awesome, thanks for sharing @Antski! I’m defo tempted by the dishwasher tablets - @NannyOgg you’ll need to let me know what you think of them, too :grinning:

@NannyOgg nice find 🆙 I'm sold just on the name (couldn't resist saying it out-loud a few times 😂)

Cool variety of products and looks like quite a good price point for them all. It's always good to see eco-friendly products becoming cheaper and the 'norm' instead of expensive and 'special'!
Strutt G;27216:
I've started to dye faded clothes rather than purchase the same style

You've inspired me... I have (or should I say, had) a nice, all white, cotton jacket. While out recently someone managed to spill either red wine or some sort of cider with blackcurrant mix (couldn't decipher which!) all down the back of it :mad:, and all attempts to remove failed as I didn't notice 'til the next day when it was too late... instead of getting rid, I'm going to buy some dark coloured dye (think a forest green) and give the old jacket new life 🆙

@NannyOgg shocking to hear you got 2 full bags of rubbish from your trip to the woods!!:eek:
Was it mostly plastics or things that could be recycled?

I also have a new link to a shop called Bear&Bear, and in particular their 'Less Plastic Lifestyle' shop
They're partnering with various suppliers and a not-for-profit called City to Sea - a really interesting one to look into!🆙
If you're looking for something unique as a gift, these are beautiful pictures using old magazines and papers.

Ooo I love Etsy!! Can find all kinds of great things, and a lot of upcycled things too 🆙
Plus it feels good supporting independent sellers 🙂
We've had a 'Zero-Waste' shop open in Carmarthen today if anyone else is local and interested:

As suggested I post here to mention Bellroy, an Australian Company who are environmentally friendly producing high quality goods. Initially it was just wallets. They started with slim wallets that would take all the stuff that goes in those old bulging back pocket wallets. The leather and quality was always good. I first came across them many many years when visiting family in Australia. They do market in England. They then branched out into mobile phone cases and backpacks, and other bags to carry all sorts of stuff. The bags are made of recycled plastic I believe.

The products I use the most, every day in fact are the City Pouch, great when out for a walk, and the Card Pocket. I also have the Card Sleeve and a Note Sleeve but the latter is rarely used these days. Covid means travel light. The Card Pocket carries some notes (money?!) wipes for my glasses and three cards. It’s all I need  - a debit card, credit card and driving licence for ID purposes to prove I am over 25 when buying booze. The Card Sleeve only goes with me if travelling as it has other membership cards. Even the cards I don’t use much as the iPhone pays the bills.

if you go for the iPhone case that takes cards go for the one that takes three under the loft up flap. Much safer than that takes cards on the back as the leather stretches and the cards become loose. I don’t use their iPhone case solely because I have got into the habit of Q1 charging.


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I bought some rather nice things from Natura Emporium a coupe of weeks ago and can recommend them. It is all vegan friendsly natural skincare products. Don’t be put off by customs VAT and charges, my order of goods came to about £30 and I wasn’t asked to pay any charges on delivery.



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Looking for recycled and sustainable gift wrapping and tagging??


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Great link our @Strutt G,

Really nice footwear (although they wouldn’t stay that white for long in our house!?.

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What a fantastic find, well done. I only use Google for the kids classroom otherwise I tend to use Firefox anyway so will definitely be adding that onto my search. What an amazing company. Love what they are doing for the chimpanzees in Uganda.



Good on you @NannyOgg :)
This website might give people some ideas!
(BTW I've moved this thread to the All About Renewables section 🆙)
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You guys absolutely have to check this website out, it’s awesome.

“ A sustainable children's gift boutique. Stocking activities which nurture the imagination, inspire curiosity and encourage social engagement.”

There’s fabulous stuff on their for kids and getting them engaged with nature and also sustainability. It is cheap but I would say well worth the money by the look of things. There are brilliant den kits too.



Good morning @NannyOgg and happy Friday to you! :)
We've stumbled across 'WearthLondon' which looks pretty good. You've probably already heard of them!

This clothing company Rapanui looks interesting.

I like their statement about only making to order, and using renewable energy when doing so.

And they’ll replace a shirt if you wear it out!