Hive sale and upgrade

  • 21 June 2021
  • 6 replies

I see Hive have another sale on. A good time to buy more radiator valves if you're thinking of doing so.

They also now offer a paid for upgrade to their app to track your usage and provide energy efficiency tips. I wondered if anyone here has upgraded and what their experience is. I also wonder if it's really just offering something similar to a good energy supplier's app, e.g. Pure Planet's?

6 replies

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Thanks for letting us know about the sale , @DJGShef 👍

There are other, and some will say much better alternatives to Hive. At least two of us in the forum use Honeywell Evohome which gives greater control and according to my figures seems to be saving a chunk

…and there’s an idea, PP could add link to energy saving devices that customers may be interested in and the makes pay PP commission. Far more useful than the link to home servicing which is quite an expensive option.

Hey @DJGShef 

Really interesting post - thanks for sharing! I’ve moved it to our Renewables and sustainability section - as it’s linked to saving energy and becoming more energy-efficient. :relaxed:

I’d be really interested to hear if anyone’s upgraded the app too! 

Looping in @andyseal and @greenstripe here too, who may be able to help as they have Hive thermostats. :grinning:

Out of interest, which Hive products do you have @DJGShef

Thanks @Nataly 

I have the heating system plus radiator valves in most rooms. I also have a cheeky plug to switch my electric blanket on before bed time (autumn, winter and spring only, obvs).

Excellent use of a smart plug, that. :grinning:

Do you reckon it’s helped reduce your usage at all, or has it just made you more aware of what you’re using? 

I’d love to start investing in more ‘smart’ home products so I’m all ears! 

I love the fact my lights magically only turn on after 9:30 at the moment.

But the nights are drawing in! 😉