Breathing easy?

You can now get a free air quality report for where you live, thanks to

Just pop in your postcode here.

The site uses data from Imperial College and is part of COPI’s campaign to clean up the UK’s air. It started in London and has just gone nationwide.

Every address in the UK now has access to an annualised reading of PM2.5, PM10 and Nitrogen Dioxide. The Air Quality Report also details the specific health costs for living there.

Air pollution - largely caused by fossil fuel burning in transport as well as other industrial process - is often called an invisible killer and contributes to around 40,000 deaths in the UK each year. Poor air quality is also linked to cancer, asthma, stroke and heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and dementia.

Air quality has been improving; electric vehicles powered by renewables will help clean up road pollution over time. But most of the country’s air continues to breach legal limits


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@Steven Day may I be so bold as to suggest an edit to your last sentence...

Air quality has been improving; electric vehicles powered with renewable energy will help clean up road pollution over time. But most of the country’s air continues to breach legal limits


Added bonus, you get a free (very old, as that car got torched) photo of your next door neighbour's 


I'd like to state

1: They obviously aren't taking these readings when the.muckspreader's been in the field next door.

2: 10 years working in a coal merchants, and living next to Gilfach Iago, without respiratory protection, probably means my lungs were done for long before anyone considered 'air quality reports'.


Quite right! Thank you @woz 

The current AQI is also shown in the standard Apple Maps:

PP HQ beats me. I’m a 3 currently!


Thanks @25 quid, never noticed that (or the weather icon) before! I’m a 3 too… :sweat_smile:

Maybe it’s stuck? I’m still a 3 and I’ve looked a PP another way and it’s still a 2.

PP still beating me


Hey @25 quid, mine has now dropped to 2, so doesn’t appear to be stuck :relaxed:

I’m down (up) to a 2 too. We’re locked in maybe?

To me the scale seems back to front. Air Quality Indicator should surely be higher better, but it’s the other way round...

Ah - I thought the numbers related to the concentration of CO2 so the higher number = worse because more pollutant? 

Have to investigate this further now :grin:

Hmmm, let us know… 

Apple are typically terse:

@25 quid

The UK uses the Daily Air Quality Index - which goes from 1-10. 

Anything from 1-3 = OK for everyone to go about their usual activity. If in 4-6, people with lung or heart problems should reduce outdoor activity. 7-10 is the highest and can cause issues… e.g. needing to use an inhaler. (Obviously, that’s a very rough summary!). 

So the number reflects the levels of pollutants in the air, which is why higher number = bad news. 

The more you know, eh!

Apparently the numbers and system used in every country are different - so if you used an American iPhone, it’d range from 0-100. 

...we’re back at 2 today! 

Good info! Still reckon it’s an Air Badness Indicator… 

No, in a Spartacus kind of way, I am 2 today! 😉