Beeswax wraps

  • 15 February 2021
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Hi folks, 

I’ve been thinking about ways to cut down our single-use plastic in our new home, and something that really stuck out to me was how much we use clingfilm. Every single day, in fact. 

Has anyone started using beeswax wraps instead? Do they work well (and in a similar way to cling film)? 


I’d like to invest in some but was wondering if anyone had any tips, or had even made their own. Would we be able to do away with clingfilm completely? 


Thank you! :bee:

7 replies

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Never heard if these....but would be interested myself  ....use far too much cling film

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Not tried them myself yet @Nataly but there are plenty around. Will look about and post on the other thread.

Yup, they’re good and work well! 👍🏻

Thanks @25 quid :grin:

@Angelabikerbabe @NannyOgg they look pretty interesting! I’ve found a guide from one of the companies that makes them here - they’re naturally adhesive/ self-sealing so they may actually work better than clingfilm, I find that half the time it doesn’t stick down properly anyway. 

Have you found they adhere ok @25 quid/ do they last well? 

The upfront cost can be a bit off-putting but I think it may well be worth it in the long run :slight_smile:

They are expensive but they were a gift and not very long ago, so it’s too early to say how long they’ll last. But our Eco-warrior friend swears by them and has used them for ages. I recall you can reinvigorate them after a while — am I imagining ironing them??

It’s the hatred of cling film that drives the need. I suspect the pay-back time is quite long otherwise and doesn’t justify the cost as cling film is so cheap.

Hey @25 quid 

I think you’re right with being able to iron them! And they can go in the oven to ‘rewax’ them too, apparently. I may have to invest in some as a new home gift to ourselves :smiley:

I also really dislike cling film, it always feels very wasteful! I think it’d be a really easy way to instantly cut plastic usage at home - if you can afford the upfront cost. 

I may start off with a £10 pack (I think that gets you two wraps) and see if it’s worth it! 

If anyone else has them please let me know what you think :D 

Happy housing! 😊